Special thanks to Grant Schol for providing the photography of myself.

About Me

I recently moved to Denver to work for an interior architecture firm immediately after completing my BS in Interior Design at Harding University and am originally from the Lone Star State. I am actually a 9th generation Texan!  (My grandmother will be proud I made sure everyone knows this.)

Being the only girl between two brothers, there were several interests that we did not share. One being the desire to play video games that involved extremes. I had always enjoyed building and development games on the computer. In grade school, Santa brought me the Sims computer game. After discovering the codes to access more building materials, I seemed to forget the meaning for the game – to virtually live through people and/or families that you create – and spent way too much time creating homes and businesses. At an early age I learned of my desire to explore the limitations of my creativity; and so my journey began.

Fast forward several years → while in high school, I enrolled in an architectural drafting class. This class solidified my passion for design and helped me understand that my extremely observant, visual and detail-oriented self could make a difference through design. I knew without a doubt that interior design would be my future. 

Harding University allowed for me to grow through the HUF (Harding University in Florence) Art program while spending a summer semester studying architectural history and photography. Although stationed in Florence, Italy, we were able to travel all over the beautiful country and even extended our studies to Paris, France and London, England. Some of my greatest memories came from my experiences during my time in Europe! 

In my final semester, I was able to participate in the ASID Southcentral Career Day that we actually hosted at Harding. Not only did I attend the events but I entered in the student competition and took home first place in both portfolio and product design. 

I am excited to begin using my eye for design and desire to bring a unique architectural style to life both residentially and commercially; and, I love working for a firm that creates environments that demand attention and push boundaries outside of the box. 

Randi Owens


  • I am very organized.
  • I am independently motivated.
  • I am detail oriented.
  • I am compassionate.
  • I am competitive.
  • I am honest.


  • I tend to overwork.
  • I do more than required.
  • I set the bar higher than possible.
  • I accept every challenge.
  • I am easily disappointed.
  • I love ice cream. 

If you want to check out my physical portfolio click here! 

My portfolio won 1st Place at the 2015 ASID South Central Career Day.